Wines on Tap

Wines on Tap

That’s right, wine by the growler! We’re happy to be able to provide you with quality estate grown wines straight from the keg. Currently our selection of wines on tap is:

As of 5/5/21


A dry blend of Viognier and Chardonnay with hints of peach and oak. A great white that will pair well with your Easter dinner.

Dry rose

Our Dry Rose from the tank to your growler. With a delicate nose of red cherries and rose petals, this rosé is bright and floral with hints of nuttiness on the palate.


This food-friendly Merlot features an olive and magnolia fragrance with black cherry and oak flavors. Medium bodied and smooth with strong tannins,


A smooth blend of Petit Verdot and Chambourcin. This wine leads with an herbal nose and gives a hint of strawberries on the pallet with medium tannins on the finish.


Our famous sangria! A delicious blend of cranberry and red wine great for fiestas with friends.

Fiesta Spritzer

Like our Fiesta Sangria? Then you’ll love a lighter and more refreshing version of the same wine. With slight carbonation and a lower alcohol content this wine is a great refreshment on a hot summer day.

cold brew Coffee

That’s right! Cold brew coffee right off the tap brewed fresh in the winery.


Our growlers come in 1L or 500ml sizes and can be filled with any of the wines we have on tap. Growlers are reusable and can be filled here at the winery. Only Bellview growlers can be used due to labeling regulations. If you have a growler already and are refilling you only pay the fill price of your selected wine. Prices for empty growler bottles are listed below:

1L  growler bottle     –  $3

500ml growler bottle –  $2

Coming back to refill? Prices for each on tap wine vary, call the winery at 856-697-7172 for current growler fill pricing.