Wines on Tap

Wines on Tap

That’s right, wine by the growler! We’re happy to be able to provide you with quality estate grown wines straight from the keg. Currently our selection of wines on tap is:

As of 11/12/20


A dry red blend of Blaufrankisch, Syrah and Merlot. Perfect for pairing with hearty stews and braised meats which makes this dry red an Autumnal treat!

Merry Christmas Red

A delicious blend, light and easy to drink. Merry Christmas Red is an unoaked dry red blend with a fruity flavor that is exceedingly food friendly. Notes of plum, pomegranate, red cherry and clove give this wine a spirited complexity that still pairs perfectly with pizza or pasta dishes.


A delicious blend of Fredonia and Ives with delicious grape flavor this sweet red pairs well with barbecue and grilled meats.


100% NJ Cranberries make this cranberry wine, sweet, tart and absolutely refreshing!


Our famous sangria! A delicious blend of cranberry and red wine great for fiestas with friends.


Our favorite Holiday wine is back once again! Our deliciously spiced cranberry wine makes the perfect wine for any holiday meal. Spiced with Vietnamese cinnamon, orange peel and a hint of clove Spiceberry is sweet, spicy and just the right amount of tart.


Our growlers come in 1L or 500ml sizes and can be filled with any of the wines we have on tap. Growlers are reusable and can be filled here at the winery. Only Bellview growlers can be used due to labeling regulations. If you have a growler already and are refilling you only pay the fill price of your selected wine. Prices for empty growler bottles are listed below:

1L  growler bottle     –  $5

500ml growler bottle –  $3

Coming back to refill? Customers returning to fill a growler are able to taste any of our wines on tap for free! Prices for each on tap wine vary, call the winery at 856-697-7172 for current growler fill pricing.