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    Nana’s Wine with Mango Chocolate Package

    Nana’s wine: White Wine – Floral Nose – Tropical Fruit
    1892 Chocolate’s Mango Chocolate : 70% dark chocolate with Mango pieces

    This package is available for winery pick up only, we are not shipping at this time.

    Crostini available for an additional $2.00

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  • Cygnus : The Swan

    This bright and refreshing off dry white wine has an aroma of ginger blossom and Fuji apple. The apple follows through on the palate with notes of tangerine. Much like the bond between a pair of swans, this wine is timeless.

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  • Nana’s Wine

    A delicate, semi-sweet white with floral notes & tropical flavors. Nice anytime, and makes a tasty white sangria.

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  • Under the Arbor

    With a light, fresh & pleasing taste, this blush table wine is a great alternative for the White Zinfandel lover.

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  • Homestead

    Our lightly sweet and fruity blend of North American labrusca grapes & European viniferas; a versatile table wine.

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  • Apple

    Our Apple Wine is made from 100% locally sourced Fuji apples. This semi-sweet fruit wine is a great choice for picnics, parties, or as a refreshing pairing with light dinners.

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